Last events of 2018!

Open Clown-Training

Saturday, 15 December // 11:00-17:00
ehrenfeldstudios (Wissmannstr. 38, Köln-Ehrenfeld)



Snowflake Deliveries
10 & 11 December (Monday & Tuesday) // 
ehrenfeldstudios (Wissmannstr. 38, Köln-Ehrenfeld)
10 – 18 €  sliding scale



Snowflake Deliveries

A clown theatre piece by Fort Willy

Making snowflakes is hard work. The pressure to create the best models and to keep productivity high puts you face to face with tough decisions at every turn. In this tale of teamwork and secret competition, dreams and disappointments, veteran snowflake cutter Forti and newbie Willi will give their all to try and make the cut.

Language: English (with its combination of physical theatre, humor and English text, ‘Snowflake Deliveries’ can be enjoyed by people with a wide range of English comprehension)

Duration: 85 min

Performance: Olivia Platzer & Bryce Kasson
Director: Lila Monti
Creation & Dramaturgy: Lila Monti & Fort Willy
Costumes & Props: Ale Bachlechner
Logo and Banner Design: Carolina Arciniegas
Photo: Christina Schmölz