The international clown festival innsbruck was a popup platform for clown theatre and professional exchange in western Austria in 2018. The festival was initiated and organized by clown duo Fort Willy. Take a look and see what happened!


There were formal and informal opportunities for exchange, resource-sharing and connecting with clown performers from all directions of the map, while surrounded by the sky and mountains of Tirol. For four days the festival became a lively meeting point for audiences, budding and professional clowns, local and international artists.

Opening Night!

20:00 Snowflake Deliveries

by Fort Willy (USA & AT)

*Get-together with food and drinks after the show at the Festival Bar.

13:30 – 16:00 Clown Training Class

20:00 Varieté Night!

Short routines by a wide variety of clown performers!
Hosted by Chris Kraut & Frau Nowak
of Le Salon Sardine (AT)

*Festival Bar opens at 19:00

14:00 – 17:00 Clown Jam

 18:00 LIFE IS LIVE!

by Chabela Poderosa (AT)

20:00 Povnia

by Lila Monti (ARG)

*Festival Bar opens at 19:00

11:00 Kraut und Ruibn

by Herbert & Mimi (IT & AT)

Closing of the festival!

*Festival Bar & Cafe opens at 12:00


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Thank You

Tirol Milch

Bäckerei Moschen

Woody’s Schmankerlkiste

Ale Bachlechner
Astrid Bachlechner
Eva Coscia
Franz-Xaver Schumacher
Carmen Sulzenbacher
Michaela Wurzer
Gertie Ringhofer
Matthias Conrady
Andi Schwaz

And all our volunteers and hosts!


Here’s where it all happened!

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